Monday, 3 March 2014

Sorry guys...

I am really sorry I dont blog much... I guess I never really have the time. Haha I started this blog months ago and all I have manged so far to blog is two things.. I must be the most pathetic blogger in history, I see so many blogs filled sometimes with 5 really quite long blog posts a day.. how do these guys manage it? I carnt promise anything... because there probably a huge chance of me not because I am that lazy but I will try to blog more....... try..probably wont though...who knows.

Why am I so dumb!

Oh man, why Oh why didn't I read this before going out running. Like a fool, a really big fool at that I went ahead with my new plan of trying to get healthy and went on a jog, came back with plantar fasciitis (I went on a 30 min trek not that long really but long enough to get PF though! Quite annoyed). I think what has happened is that my arches of my feet are simply not used to that amount of stretching, tension and pressure because I haven't been running for such a long time... so they were easily inflamed and caused me to get plantar fasciitis.. Luckily I was fortunate enough to not get heel spurs which are little growths that stick out on your heel... I think that heel spurs are painful I am not to sure, but moving on, I have since been looking up a few things on it and I have came to realize that I really should have protected my feet and worn proper insoles are with some proper arch supports in my running shoes. Now I guess I will have to postpone my plan and let my feet recover first... this really is just my luck... hopefully the PF should clear up fairly quickly (though quite worryingly I read some people complaining on the internet how they have suffered form it for 10 years as it never seems to stop) if I keep my weight off it, in the meantime though I got some insoles bought so next time I go running it should happen again.... The annoying thing is that there was going to be a really fun football match what me and my friends were going to play in a couple days time..looks as though I am going to miss that one though! I tis only my own fault really I always just dive straight into things and never think before I act.. now I am suffering for the consequence..maybe I am being a little harsh on myself though as how was I supposed to know insoles were that important.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My ways to grow taller.

Been trying to think of different ways to grow taller... these are a few I have thought of.. honestly been searching on the internet and the internet isnt very helpful at all on this subject.. thanks internet! (just full of advertisers trying to sell you stuff no help whatsoever)

Stand on a box.. If dnobody actually sees the box you are standing on everyone will think your  remeber you carnt walk and stand on a box at the same time.

High heels.. erm yeah if your a girl...

Height increasing insoles that more like it.. I actually bought a pair of them for myself a couple weeks ago.. for about £15 and they really do work wonders! Comfortable and invisible when wearing them far better than wearing high heels lol! trust me if your a dude and you wear high heels people will laugh at you.

Wishing.. sometimes you might just wake up taller who knows...

Doing stretching exercises.. a little bit more proactive then wishing yourself taller... and its good for your health too!

Hope this helped.. and hasn't confused you lol :)